How To Treat Hemorrhoids In Dogs


Everyone will have to face sickness in their life whether it is a man or animal, sickness is the common thing for a creature. It can happen to our dear friends or ourselves or even the animals we care the most. That’s why I decided to write how to treat hemorrhoids in dogs. As hemorrhoids are very common problem in humans, and when it comes to dogs, yes it is quite common in dogs too. As we all know, dogs are the best friend for a man, so we will learn how to care them.


About Hemorrhoids: -

Hemorrhoids are the condition which occurs due to straining during bowel movement. During straining, the veins present in the anal canal will get swollen and irritated. These swollen and irritated veins will start bleeding when extra pressure is put on those veins, due to this, the person suffering from hemorrhoids experience extreme pain and discomfort. The problem is quite common in humans and even in any creature. It is a well known fact that, even animals can get the condition of hemorrhoids or piles.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids: -

Hemorrhoid is not a disease, but it is a condition which occurs when extreme pressure is put on the veins present in your anus. A person suffering from hemorrhoids can easily identify that he has hemorrhoids by identifying the symptoms of it. The hemorrhoid symptoms may include extreme pain in the anus, itching, swelling of the veins present in the anus, irritation and burning sensation in the affected area. Well, if experience any above mentioned symptoms, then yes you are suffering from hemorrhoids. But for dogs, a dog cannot tell that it experiences any pain, itching or burning sensation in the anal area, for to identify that a dog suffers from hemorrhoids is, you can see a blood in the dog’s poop. Some hemorrhoids do not cause any pain at all, the only good sign to see is you can see blood in the dog’s poop.

Causes of hemorrhoids: -

The common cause for getting hemorrhoids is straining during the bowel movement. This straining may occurs due to constipation and the constipation is occurred in the dogs due to unhygienic life style of the dog. Means, some dogs may eat almost anything which includes things should not be eaten. This will further leads to getting hemorrhoids in dogs.

How to treat hemorrhoids in dogs: -

When comes to treatment of hemorrhoids, there are a lot of remedies available on the market for hemorrhoids. For humans, the main thing to consider in treating hemorrhoids is to eat enough fiber to make the stool soft, which in turn leads to get rid of constipation. This will help in reducing the straining during bowel movement. Apart from that, there are many over counter treatments available for hemorrhoids which will help in reducing the pain, swelling and itching. Similarly for dogs, the first thing in the treatment for hemorrhoids in dogs is avoiding constipation. As the dog cannot say it was suffering from pain,itching and swelling. With the blood in the dog’s poop, we can identify its symptoms of hemorrhoids. In pets pharmacies we can stool softeners for dogs which will help in avoiding constipation which will leads to reducing straining during the bowel movement. Other natural methods you may want to try for your dog to get rid of hemorrhoids are:

  • Catnip and chamomile
  • You should avoid wheat and dairy products like milk, cheese, butter etc which will make the stool harder and will leads to straining during the bowel movement due to constipation.
  • Use Bananas in the dog food which will help in making the stool soft.

I have shared some of home remedies for hemorrhoids in dogs which will help up to some point, if the condition is pretty serious you might want see the veterinary doctor for treatment, where the treatment for hemorrhoids for humans can be found online here.